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I’ve spent an entire career gathering data, looking at the data critically, and writing applied science reports, that hardly anyone read.  I was a Certified Industrial Hygienist in that past life; industrial hygiene? No one knows what industrial hygiene is; please google it. 

I began writing about movies in 2013, mainly for myself – to remember what I saw the night before, how it ended, and what emotion the film triggered.  I started making books of my reviews and giving them as gifts during the holiday season.

I’ve seen a lot of movies.  The first movie I remember seeing was The Sound of Music, sitting next to my Mom, there was even an intermission the year it opened.  

I enjoy getting wrapped up in the story and the emotion. 

So, I’m still doing what I’ve always done only now with movies & streaming TV series – gathering data, assessing, and writing.

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Frank Riordan